Conversational ChineseCourse

Conversational Chinese

Conversational Chinese

Learn the basic of daily conversation with your Chinese family and friends. In this course, our teachers will teach you how to use Chinese to express yourself and communicate in the following scenarios:

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Greetings

Unit 2: Numbers

Unit 3: Emergency

Unit 4: Shopping

Unit 5: Eating

Unit 6: Romance

Unit 7: Weather

Unit 8: Directions

Unit 9: Hobbies

Unit 10: Occupations


Soon, you will be able to converse and understand each other with your Chinese friends. Book your lesson with our experience teachers now!

Conversational Chinese Teachers

I've been a volunteer teaching Chinese to grade 1-7 students in Nepal. Currently, I am pursuing Master of Arts (Teaching
I've been a foreign languages and cross-cultural training coach over the past 12 years in universities, private higher-educational institutions, corporate
I have more than 5 years of teaching experience and have taught more than 200 students so far. If you
Learning Chinese could be interesting. In my class, I guarantee you will gain more than just language itself. Book a
Hi, I am a Chinese Teacher specialising in Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese, IB Chinese & HSK. I can guide you
I am a Chinese teacher with more than 15 years of training experience. Come learn Chinese from me & talk
Hello, let's learn Chinese together with me! I am an outgoing person who laughs a lot because I believe no
Hello, I am Joni Laoshi (老师). I am a Chinese teacher with more than 10 years of experience. Come learn
I am a Singaporean Chinese born in Indonesia. I am fluent in Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia & Teochew. I am